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15 January 2008 @ 02:17 pm
Getting Up to Speed with GPS  
, Meredith, Ashley, and BobMeghan, Meredith, Ashley, and Bob

Last Saturday Bob Maher, and myself, two directed studies students, and a friend went out to get ourselves up to speed with the GPS receivers.  The larger strategy is to collect some points, download them, and then start mapping them.  At this point the HP computers come back into the picture, and we go back out on the community mapping circuit.

Here we are at the farthest point of your walk. 

First we collected points to delineate the corners of a small orchard, for future reference, and then we created a track of points following a trail through an old tree nursery down to the Annapolis River.  Because we have had a week of April-May weather the snow is all gone, and the river is in full muddy flood.  Not to worry, here it is Tuesday and the snow storms are back :)

Tomorrow we are meeting with folks from the CURA Coastal group, who are concerned about empowering local coastal communities to manage their resources.  At that time we will discuss our workshop plans, and perhaps beyond.