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09 January 2008 @ 09:55 am
New Year, New Beginnings  
Heather has now left us to take up her position as Park Ecologist at the national park in Churchill Manitoba, which is in northern Canada on the shores of Hudson's Bay.  She has generously agreed to continue as a consultant, remotely.  Meanwhile we have asked two students in our GIS Advanced Diploma program to take on our work as a directed studies effort.  They will be spending the next few weeks getting up to speed, and then be delivering workshops to a number of NGO's and community groups here.  As well, we hope they will be able to add to our growing list of online resources housed in our Moodle site, to start to create workshops moving from data collection to online and desktop mapping, and to encourage after session collaboration... online community building.

In the meantime we are continuing our discussion with coastal community interest groups and others to see if we can develop a series of workshops, and online resources, to develop community mapping expertise.  This will enable communities to create sophisticated mapping products to support their efforts to manage coastal areas, and contribute to provincial and federal discussions concerning the environment.  We are also pursuing discussions with other groups.  It will probably be a several weeks before we are fully up to speed again.