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16 December 2007 @ 08:09 am
Nova Scotia Apple Growers  
Last Friday (December 14th), Heather Stewart, gave another workshop using GPS equipment and our HP tablets to the Nova Scotia Apple Growers Association.  She writes:

Today we all woke up to a snowy cold day with highways “passable with caution” and I drove to the Kentville Research Station to meet the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association (NSFGA), I wondered if anyone would show up! We had twelve intrepid souls out of a registered 13 who were keen, despite the subzero temperatures. I had an agenda that had half the time outside. We set up 4 computers for point download and conversion to .kml, the moodle presentation. Initial presentation on theory and hands-on button-pushing took 1hour and then we headed outside for point collection and “finding”. All enjoyed coming in for coffee and warm computer time. Points showed up well on Google earth and all participants were amazed at demo for adding air photos as image overlays and could see the use for individual orchards. The example of the orchard at the Kentville research station went well as resolution on Google at Kentville is very good and we could see the trees we mapped. The workshop went 1 hour overtime and all the comments were it was too short. Thanks to Dela, Helen and Harold for organizing this.

All participants are keen to upload the modules at home and read the additional material so I must get off and enter their names.

Heather is off to Churchill Manitoba in January to commune with polar bears and take up a job as the park ecologist.  Heather has been the heart and soul of our community mapping project.  It was through her hard work that the content and material of our workshops was created and packaged, and our network of colleagues and clients has grown.  She has built a sound foundation on which to grow, and will continue her support as a consultant.  Still, we will miss her drive and cheerful enthusiasm.
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