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23 October 2007 @ 03:09 pm
Roxbury in the Woods  

On October 17th, our Geomatics Programming students, AGRG interns, research scientists, faculty, and various others went off to the woods of the South Mountain to map the remains of the long abandoned community of Roxbury.  Previously we had flown Lidar and taken air photos, and had access to hand drawn maps provided by Roxbury historian, David Whitman, such as the one seen on the right.

We broke up into small groups and scouted out the various foundations, wells, old mills, and graveyards... the remains of this 19th century community overlooking the Annapolis Valley... and recorded their position using GPS technology.  All this information was brought back to AGRG for further processing which is on-going.  Though we had intended to take our HP tablets with us we were dissuaded at the last moment by the frenzy of last minute activities and concerns about the roughness of the terrain.  

Someone observed that most of the gravestones marked the graves of women.  Life on the mountain in the 1860's must have been difficult, and we marveled at the amount of work it must have taken to build foundations, walls, and wells from the large granit boulders that abound in the area. 

It was a perfect fall day, and the site is one of great natural beauty as well as local historical significance.  In the end we ran out of time, but the day was enjoyed by all.