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23 October 2007 @ 12:45 pm
Community Information Database Workshop  

On October 15 and 16, 2007 the Applied Geomatics Research Group utilized the HP mobile computer lab for the first delivery of the training materials developed by Jeff Wentzell, AGRG for the Rural Secretariat’s Community Information Database (CID).  The AGRG was contracted to develop a “Train the Trainer” package for use across Canada to train community leaders in the use of the CID and demographic data.  The participants were involved in learning to use the website that provides access to demographic and socio-economic data through Statistics Canada and other selected sources.   Fifteen participants from community organizations and governments were invited to learn about the CID website while providing feedback on the training design and materials.


The mobile aspect of the lab within the room was a great feature.  Connectivity was provided through a wireless access point which added flexibility, giving participants the ability to freely move around the room while taking part in the group breakout sessions.  During these sessions they continued to have access to the website and data which added to the learning.  It was noted that during initial training sessions by the Rural Secretariat of the CID they used fixed computer labs which worked fine; however, the mobile aspect of the lab gave participants that added flexibility to move within the room to continue to use the terminals as they interacted in group break out sessions as well as returning to the formal presentations and demos.   


The Community Information Database was developed collaboratively by the Rural Secretariat, provinces, territories, other federal departments, and community groups. It is a free on-line web-based resource intended to help users quickly capture demographic/socio-economic data for specific or multiple geographic regions from an interactive map.


Jeff Wentzell, M.Sc. Candidate                                           

Research Associate / GIS Specialist

Applied Geomatics Research Group (COGS -NSCC)

Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) Contact, NSCC